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Point of Sale

The Point of Sales system allows for all the required processes in a shop environment. It empowers all the staff members to help any customer from a simple sale to the current status of a Special Order, every facet of the shop can be run from this feature.

Pursuit has designed the system to make the most complicated sales function easy for the sales person to process. The features include:

  • Fully Touch Screen
  • Address Lookup
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Capture Customer Details
  • Stock Transfer and Receipt Control
  • Staff Sales Reporting
  • Sales System
  • Deposit Sales
  • Refunds
  • Complimentary & Upselling Prompts
  • Ring Sizes
  • Credit Notes
  • Fully integrated Chip & Pin
  • TH March - MarchGuard Customer Insurance
  • Special Order Tracking
  • Stock Taking
  • Customer Buying Patterns & Wish Lists
  • Deposit/Lay-by Chasing System
  • Repairs Logging
  • Repairs Tracking
  • End of Day Till Balancing
  • Deposit/Lay-by System
  • Gift Voucher System

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